Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) – SUBCLASS 601

The Electronic Travel Authority for Australia offers

Cruise or Holiday

Dive into Australia’s rich culture, breathtaking landscapes. Cruise ships experiences or tourism activities through the country.

Visit Family and Friends

Reconnect with loved ones and spend time with them while exploring Australia

Business Activities

Engage in business conferences, trade fairs, and expand your global network in Australia.

Eligibility Criteria

Application Requirement

Each Family Member or person travelling has to apply for individual ETA’s

Passport Requirement

Your passport should be from the Eligible Country List

Health Insurance & Character

You need to maintain adequate health insurance while your stay.
The applicants should also meet the character test for Australia


This Visa is temporary and is valid for either 12 months or the validity of passport. It is multiple entry visa with each entry stay of maximum 3 months

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