Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 189)

The Skilled Independent Permanent Visa commonly known as Points-Tested Stream offers a pathway for skilled individuals to live, work, and study in Australia indefinitely. Not only can visa holders enjoy the freedom of travel between Australia and their home country for a duration of five years, but they can also access Medicare and sponsor eligible relatives for Australian visas.

Why Choose Skilled 189 Visa?

Unrestricted Work and Study

Gain full rights to work and pursue education in Australia with all the benefits.

Medicare Access

Avail World-class Australian healthcare services covered by Medicare.

Pathway to Citizenship

Apply to become Australian Citizen after meeting the residence and other requirements for the citizenship.

Travel Benefits

Travel to and from Australia without restrictions.

Sponsorship Opportunity

Bring your spouse or de-facto, parents and eligible relatives to Australia by being a sponsor in their visa application.

Invest in Australian Real Estate or Businesses

Buy your own home or make investments in Australia and become business owners.

Eligibility Criteria

Be Invited To Apply

You can only apply for the visa if the Department invites you to after picking your EOI in invitation rounds run by Department.

Points Requirement

Secure a minimum of 65 points or more

Age Requirement

Be under the age of 45 years during the invitation to apply for the visa.

Proficiency in English

Ensure you possess at least Competent English skills.

Skills Assessment

Achieve a positive skills assessment (Exemptions Apply)

Character and Health

Align with the Department of Home Affairs’ character and health standards.

Avail the WorldWay Advantage For Your Visa Process

  • Eligibility Review: We’ll evaluate your qualifications in accordance with the 189 visa criteria.

  • Documentation Assistance: Help you collate necessary papers, from qualifications to references.

  • Visa Submission: Lodge your application ensuring precision and completeness.

  • Appeal Representation: Should any issues arise, we’re your advocates.

For further guidance and information, reach out to WorldWay Experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit my application from another country?

Yes, applications can be lodged from within or outside Australia, excluding Immigration clearance.

What’s the financial aspect of the 189 visa?

The primary visa charge for the main applicant is AUD4,640. Additional charges apply for each family member. For the Latest Fees information visit Department’s Website

Is it feasible to modify the visa type post-EOI submission?

Absolutely! Alterations to the EOI in SkillSelect can be made if there are changes in visa type, profession, family structure, or improved points.

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