Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485)

International graduates from Australian institutions have the opportunity to stay and make valuable contributions to Australia. With the Temporary Graduate Visa, eligible graduates can live, work, and continue their studies in Australia for a period ranging from 18 months to 4 years, depending on their qualifications and the stream they choose.

Eligibility Criteria


Applicants must be below 50 years of age.

Visa Status

Holds an Eligible Visa (BVA,BVB, Student Visa)

Recent Student Visa

Must have held a student visa within the past 6 months.

Relevant Qualification

Completion of a CRICOS-registered course from an Australian Institute.

Nominate Specific Stream

Nominate only one stream. Note that changing visa streams post-application isn’t allowed.

Required Documents

Ensure you attach the specified evidence during application.

Temporary Graduate Visa Streams

Graduate Work Stream

International students with qualifications pertinent to specific occupations needed in Australia and studied courses that resulted in a degree, diploma or trade qualification.
Duration: Typically, up to 18 months.
Benefits: Live, Study, and Work in Australia temporarily.

Post-Study Work Stream

Must have graduated with a degree from an Australian institution.
Duration: Generally between 2 and 4 years, with extensions available for select regions and courses.
Benefits: Opportunity to live, work, and study in Australia on a temporary basis.


Second Post-Study Work Stream

Holders of a first Temporary Graduate visa (post-study work stream) from an Australian institution in a regional area.
Duration: Ranges between 1 and 4 years, based on
The regional location of the educational institution from which you graduated.
The regional area of your residence during your first Temporary Graduate visa (post-study work stream).
Benefits: Temporarily reside, work, and study in Australia.

Apply Now for the Temporary Graduate Visa and take your next step towards a fulfilling Australian experience.

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